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Paddlepop Elemagika Part 2

Though repeatedly defeated Paddle Pop Lion, Shadow Master even more sought world domination.He discovered the secret 3 Monsters elements, having the force of nature is unbeatable: the Fire Lord, Monster Hedgehog made of Fire; Earth Lord, Moles giants of Stone; and the Water Lord, giant killer whale made of water. First, the three monsters was imprisoned by King Alex, the ancestors of the Paddle Pop Lion because of raging and almost destroyed the world.

Shadow Master managed to free the 3 monsters, but failed to control them. Shadow Master plans fall apart, a world in danger because the monster element back raging. Can the Paddle Pop Lion and LionĂ¢ save the world?

version 1
Total Size 199 MB (.mkv) Single Link

version 2
Total Size 470 MB (.mkv)


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